MEI Class of 1949 Reflections

MEI Class of 1949 Reflections

Submitted by Leslie Stobbe, in lieu of reunion

The Grade 13 graduates of 1949 participated in unique opportunities. As a member of that class I served as reporter for The Student Call, not aware that this initial foray into journalism later became more than 60 years in journalism, including becoming the founding editor of The Mennonite Observer, editor of business magazines, editor of M.B. historical books, ghostwriter, and later publisher of many evangelical books. Whatever mathematical skills I later applied in the business world were learned from Principal Dyck. Franz Thiessen, our music teacher invited students to his noon hour lessons in conducting, which I later applied in numerous settings.  Jake Friesen invited me to help organize a noon hour Bible and prayer time—and later became a Bible Institute president, pastor and social worker. Two other class members, Margaret Willms and Agnes Martens later gained nursing degrees, with Margaret serving in Taiwan and Agnes in Haiti.


June 19, Leslie Stobbe adds:

Seeing my note in print reminded me of other class members. I think of Jake Martens, who became a teacher at Kispiox and later in the Valley. Another reflection–we were the class that began in the CE building of the old South Abbotsford M.B. Church. Some of us helped in the construction of the first MEI classrooms in Clearbrook–I worked with Mr. Mueller when he topped off the chimney, as we discussed issues connected with evolution.  When I returned in 1959 to teach both Junior High and the Senior High classes, I moved between the newer Junior High building, where my former neighbor Hank Klassen “ruled” and the Senior High building where Bill Wiebe strongly supported my first year as a faculty member.

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