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MEI Grad reunions are organized and led by volunteers, and consistently prove to be rewarding times for reflecting, reconnecting, and building into ongoing relationships. Your class reunion is important to us, and we’d love to assist you in any way possible.







Upcoming Reunion Events

Previous Reunion Events

MEI Alumni Think Tank

Many ideas were generated at the first MEI Alumni Think Tank on Tuesday night — many thanks to the alums who came out to contribute their ideas, hear about our goals as a school community, and think about how we might work together to keep building.

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How We Can Help With Your Reunion Plans

MEI will pay for the first mailing to your class. Unfortunately, due to the “Personal Information Privacy Act” we are unable to provide you with names and addresses from our database, HOWEVER:
• If you need names/addresses, bring in the envelopes you are sending and we will label and post them on your behalf.
• If you have the names and addresses, bring in your pre-addressed, stuffed envelopes and MEI will mail them for you.

MEI will announce your class reunion in ‘Connections”, on the website, on our Facebook page and through our Twitter account.

The MEI facilities (which includes the use of a room for the banquet and the kitchen) are available for class reunions. A contribution of $100 will be required to help cover the cost for the services of a custodian for set-up and clean-up as well as on-call services of a custodian during the reunion.

• Use & cleaning of round and/or rectangular tablecloths – $3.00 + GST
• Use & Cleaning of chair covers – $2.50 + GST
• Soundman – $25.00/hr + GST

The MEI Development Department will provide:
• A tour and presentation of the MEI Campus
• Provide a host/hostess to greet the class
• 2 gifts of MEI memorabilia to be used as door prizes
• Donation Cards, Envelopes and Address Update Forms
• An assortment of MEI literature to display

The MEI Development Department would appreciate:
• Attendees be given an opportunity to donate to MEI
• Alumni address updates
• A copy of the reunion book, if available
• A short reunion story and photo for “Connections”


For more information please contact the MEI Schools Alumni Office
P: (604) 859-3700 ext. 327  |   E: