If you are interested in coming to MEI as a student, just download an application form, print it and send it to MEI (click here for contact information). These applications apply to all students seeking entrance into MEI, regardless of the length of stay. We’d love to hear from you soon!

Short Term

MEI hosts individual students based on semester entry dates (September and February). This is a 5 month program. Consideration is given to students wanting to attend for shorter or longer periods of time. Acceptance is dependent on scheduling, class availability and overall school enrollment. MEI hosts agent-sponsored short term groups that come with specific itineraries. These groups come at various times throughout the year and also vary in size and length of stay.

Long Term

The Long-term Program in the International Program at MEI is a Certified BC Government Dogwood Diploma program. Upon completion of the Dogwood Diploma students are able to access universities/colleges in Canada, the US and Great Britain. Students from the MEI International Program have been accepted at every major university in Canada, Ivy League Universities in the US, and major Universities in Great Britain. The matriculation rate of International students at MEI is an exceptional 95% as the International Program demands academic excellence as well as strong extra curricular involvement and spiritual discipline. The motto of the International Program is “Attitude is everything‚Ķ success is up to you!”